Friday, February 22, 2008

How to cook rice

쌀 [Szal]

"Did you have rice?" in Korean language means 'Have you eaten?" If you ask, many Korean people especially the elderly would say a meal without rice is not a meal. (So, if you are treating an elderly, make sure you serve them at least a bowl of rice^^) This is how important rice is in Korean culture.

Korean meals are usually based on rice accompanied with an assortment of various side dishes and kimchi. Simply put, if you prepared so many side dishes, soups and big main course, but there is no single bowl of rice, the meal cannot be complete.

By the way, shown in the picture above is NOT one serving. It is my share of rice when I am on a diet. -_-

For 2 servings:

rice (2cup)
water (2 1/4 cup approx)

  1. Measure the amount of rice you need. 1 cup of rice makes 1 serving approximately.

  2. Wash rice about 3 times until the water is just slightly opaque. Add water until where your knuckles appear above the surface when you lay your hand flat on the rice.

  3. Place them in a rice cooker (or a pressure cooker). Cook for about 30 minutes, or the rice cooker will make bipping sound and let you know when it's done.

    Tip 1: If you are using a regular pot, I recommend keeping the lid closed firmly while cooking. Cook until the water has all evaporated, then cook 5 more minutes in low heat. Remove from heat and let it sit another 5 minutes before serving.

    Tip 2: Don't wash rice too thoroughly as the nutrients are easily dissolved in water; you just want to wash off dirt.

    Tip 3: The knuckle method above may not sound scientific at all, but this is how I was taught by my mom and how my mom was taught by my grandmother. It seems like this is the most convenient method people have developed over the years and passed onto generations.


Claire said...

Hello !!
I have a rice cooker, and I was wondering if I should soak the rice 30 minutes before putting it in the rice cooker...? And if it is better to do so, do I add water again, and then cook it with the rice cooker ?
I hope I was clear...=S

Thank you ^^

Migi said...

Hi Claire,

Yes, soaking the rice prior to cooking is strongly recommended. Depending on the amount of rice, you may want to soak from 10 (2-3 servings)to 30 minutes (6 servings or more). For cooking, you need to keep the water level about 1/2 to 3/4 inch above rice.

Claire said...

Thank you so much !!

Your blog is great !! ^___^

s.yura said...

Hi migi...
its really nice to read your blog...
may i the japanese rice and korean rice is the same?

Migi said...

Hi Kakak,
As far as I know, Korea and Japan are the only countries who use sticky rice. Yes they are the same.