Friday, February 22, 2008

Pressure Cooker, Migi's Treasure #1

I have used this pressure cooker only when I cook rice. Considering how important rice is in Korean meals and that I use it everyday, I labeled it my Treasure No. 1. Not many people I know use a pressure cooker to cook rice because they are all spoiled by the convenience of an (electric) rice cooker. I cannot blame them though because I am also spoiled by the taste of rice cooked in pressure cooker and its quick cooking time.

This pressure cooker has some sentimental values to me, too. I bought it in Germany when I was on honeymoon. I had been long told by my mother that Fissler, a very famous cookware company in Germany, makes the best pressure rice cooker ever. (I am curious to know what Fissler's marketing strategies were in Korea because every Korean moms I know seems to worship their products.) My husband's first reaction when I told him I want to buy a pressure cooker while on honeymoon was, huh? By this somewhat unexpected request from his new wife, he seemed to be a little lost with how to respond. He still talks about it to his friends when talking about our honeymoon. I bought this in Galleria Department Store in Munich at 100 Euro, (valued at $150 USD at the time, yikes). My husband now agrees it was a good purchase.

I would like to add there are some advantages to using pressure cooker to cook rice:

1. Quick cooking time - it only takes 8 minutes to cook 2 servings of rice as opposed to 30 minutes taken by a regular rice cooker.
2. I love chewing Nurungji, burned rice that has turned brown and crusty when overcooked. This never happens with an electric rice cooker.
3. The look and taste of rice are simply better.


Migi said...

@prolix, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment here. Also please share with us any expertise you may have on kitchen wares please. :)

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Richard C. Lambert said...

soft and spongy just like the cake we make in an oven.I am sure no one can even find out its baked in pressure cooker.