Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jihea's Kitchen

Oyster Salad


Seafood over Rice

Beef Wrap

Tofu Vegetable Patty

Vegetable Trio

Did I impress anyone yet? I wish I made all of these wonderful dishes myself. No, I didn't. We were invited to a friend's house for dinner few months ago, and this is what they had prepared for us. How lucky we are! :)

These dishes come from our friend Jihea's Kitchen. Her cooking is far beyond my level, and I have lots to learn from her. It turns out Jihea is not only an excellent cook but also a very talented food stylist. I didn't hesitate a second to invite her to Migi's kitchen, I mean the KoreanHomeCooking.com. Thanksfully, she accepted my invitation, and decided to be a co-chef for the KoreanHomeCooking.com. She is currently visiting Korea away from her kitchen, so won't be able to see her cooking for awhile. I can't wait till she gets back and starts sharing her recipes here, starting with the dishes above. Thanks, Jihea unni!


mina said...

ahhhh! it looks so delicious and beautifully presented. i am eating korean food almost exclusively while i'm visiting my parents in california; back home in denmark there is barely any. :P

adeL said...
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Anonymous said...

I was introduced to Korean food when I had many Korean friends in grad school. Your site is helping me to recreate some of these wonderful dishes! I think Korean food is one of the most under appreciated cuisines in the world. Thanks for making it more accessible to us non-Koreans =)

Renee said...

The food is beautiful and looks so delicious!

Migi said...

Thanks all for your comments :)

mimcee said...

They're so beautiful! I'll be afraid to even try them out ~ Kkkk... Uhmm, thanks! I was browsing through the web and I came upon this site.. I love it! ~

Anonymous said...

check out jaden's steamy kitchen.

she's quite good at asian cooking, but i think she could learn tips from you, too...

My mom loves making noorongi (that rice thang)