Friday, February 22, 2008

Kimchi Variations

김치 [Kim-Chi]

Napa Cabbage Kimchi - 배추김치 [Bae-Chu-Kimchi]

Radish Kimchi - 깍두기 [Kkak-Doo-Ki]

Watery Young Radish Kimchi - 물김치 [Mul-Kimchi]

I thought I have the world for I have as many as three different kinds of kimchi in my fridge. Then I did a little research and found out that there are over 180 varieties of kimchi. Kimchi can be made with many different vegetables such as napa cabbage, radish, cucumber, scallion, lemon grass, mustard leaves, etc. Then again there are various ways of making kimchi depending on different regions of Korea...@_@

I found in Wikipedia useful information on the origin of kimchi and its compositions.

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