Monday, March 31, 2008

Fish Cake Skews

어묵국 [Eo-Muk-Guk]

If you've ever been to Korea in winter, you would easily relate how heavenly it feels to cup your hands around on a freezing winter day to sip hot fishcake soup from a street cart. The hot chestnuts sold on street corners in New york during winter time are nice, but when it comes to ranking the best winter street foods, I think they still come behind the fishcake skews and the soup in Korea...Oh, I miss them so much!

Fishcake skews are even better if had with tteokbbokki. So, whenever I make fishcake skews, I also try to serve it together with tteokbbokki, or vice versa. In fact, if you see my How to make best Ttukbbokki post (see ingredients), you will find out why I insist serving these two dishes together. ;)

For 4 servings

For soup base:

dry anchovies (20)
dry kelp (8)
Daikon radish (1/2)
leek (1 stalk)
onion (1, medium)
garlic (6 cloves)
water (10 cup)

fishcake and skews (12)
Korean soy sauce (3 tbl)
ground pepper

Soup base ingredients.

Bring the soup base ingredients to boil in water.

Skew the fishcakes.

When the water starts boiling, fish out anchovies and kelps.

Add fishcake skews into the soup.

Add soy sauce and boil for 15 minutes. Sprinkle ground pepper and serve with soy sauce dipping sauce. (You could leave out soup base ingredients when you serve.)

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Unknown said...

HI, i just want to ask you about the Korean recipe.

could i just change the dried anchovies with the anchovies powder??
is it the same?

I love your blog, by the way!!
keep it up :D


Migi said...

Hi Cerissa,
My answer is No. I also have anvhovies powder, but this is only used for some extra seasoning not for making broth. Besides, the anchovy powder makes soup really messy since they don't dissolve. So, you don't want to use it in clear soup like this one.

Unknown said...

oh okay~
thank you very much :D

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