Sunday, March 30, 2008

What is Fish Cake Made of?

어묵 [eo-muk] or 오뎅 [odeng]
They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and even in different colors. As for what goes in fishcakes and how to make them are straightforward though. If you would like homemade, in a blender grind some fish filet and shrimps added with some chopped vegetables and mix in a thick mixture of flour, egg, salt, sugar and starch, and deep-fry them in various shapes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Migi, would you be able to provide a recipe? I would also like to know how to make the fried flat fish cakes. Thank you.

Migi said...

Hi there - I'll give a try when I get a chance. Meanwhile, check out this Korean website which shows how-to-make (gourmet) fish cake step by step. Though it's in Korean, there are lots of pictures. A picture is worth thousand words. :D

Anonymous said...

So,fish cake contain most of what?Carbohydrate,protein,dietary fibre or fats?

Anonymous said...

Hi Migi,

I just found your blog and interested to know on how to make homemade Korean fish cake (eomuk/odeng). You said in your reply before that you want us to check out the Korean website that shows how-to-make (gourmet) fish cake step by step. Can you provide the link? I really want to learn on how to make it myself, as in my country it is a little difficult to find it (even in Korean Looking forward for your reply :)

Thank you!

Migi said...

Please check out the following link. It's in Korean, but there are step-by-steps in pictures.

The ingredients are: fish fillet, carrot, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, egg white, cooking wine, white pepper, potato starch, and flour

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