Thursday, December 9, 2010

November 16 to November 28

We were in Korea and Japan during the last two weeks of November. We spent the first week in Korea mainly touring Seoul and Kangwondo, and spent the the second week in Japan travelling major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hakone. Although we missed turkey and Black Friday, we got to celebrate this year's Thanksgiving with the freshest sushi (probably in the world) in Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

Our original plan was to go to Japan only since we went to Korea last year, but we figured we could combine two of our favorite destinations in one trip since Japan is only 2 hours away by flying from Korea. Luckily, we were able to make this arrnagement with the airline at no extra charge. We loved the fact that there was another trip to look forward to at the end of one trip. It definitely doubled our excitements.

It turned out November is a beautiful time to visit either country. While we got to see a glimpse of fading foliage and lots of fallen leaves on the streets in Korea, in Japan they were just about beginning to paint their leafy mountains. When we checked the weather prior to departure we were expecting rain, but what waited us was sun drenched days with the crisp bite of fall air most of the time.

The trip to Japan was especially memorable and fun-filled because we travelled with friends (a couple) whom we’ve been friends with since college. This was our first time travelling abroad with friends, so we were not sure whether we would come back as the worst enemies or as the best friends at the end of the trip. I think we came back as the best travel buddies. We realized that there are many benefits of travelling together with friends including splitting the cost of shared services, getting discounts at ryokan, or having someone to take pictures of you, but the best part was that there is always someone whom you can share the joys of travelling with.

Min has just finished processing the photos we took from Korea and Japan. Please feel free to click through. I plan to post more photos and entries about our trip, but it will take some time to organize. Meanwhile, here are some teasers.

traditional Korean kitchen

Seoul at sunset

biking in Kyoto

art work in Seoul

yogiya cafe in Kyoto


lilypad said...

OMG love your site. Its super informative and creative with recipes that are modern fusion for the younger generation cooking style. Love your trip agendas too. How in the world did you know to go to those interesting cities in Korea and Japan? Did you guys use a certain tour group? My hubby and I are also planning a couples trip and searching for ideas too.

Migi said...

Hi Lilypad, Thanks for your comment. No, we didn't use a tour group. We researched online and collected information from our relatives and friends before we went. This time in Korea we tried to visit places where we didn't have a chance to visit last year (Check out my posts re: Trip to Korea) As for Japan, since it's our first time in Japan, we wanted to cover major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. While planning, we learned very good reviews about Hakone so we added. We added Osaka, about 40 min fro Kyoto, initially because we couldn't get lodging in Kyoto. But we ended up loving Osaka too. It's a very vibrant city full of energy in the air.

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