Sunday, June 6, 2010

Homemade Granola Bar

Ever since I first made these homemade granola bars, I've been making them more frequently than we used to buy them from a store. In fact, we no longer buy granola bars from a store, since it is so easy to make at home and homemade granola bars taste much better. It's also healthier.

The fun part about these homemade granola bars is that you get to choose the ingredients that you like. For example in this recipe, I used walnuts and raisin. I have also tried the cranberry and almond combination, which is very good. Min's favorite is chocolate and coconut flakes. The list of ingredients you can try is endless. So, what's your favorite combination of ingredients?

These granola bars also make sweet gifts. Just wrap each granola bar in a piece of baking paper or any waxed paper and twist the ends to make a candy wrap. I made a gift basket of granola bars and cookies and gave to Min for Valentine's Day this year. Yes, he was sweetly touched :D

rolled oats or rye flakes (1 cup)
marshmallow (100g - 14 large-size pieces or 2 cup small-size)
butter (1 1/2 tbl)
walnut haves (1/2 cup, crushed)
raisin (1/2 cup)

You need approximately 100grams of marshmallow. That is about 14 large-size marshmallows or 1 cup of small-size marshmallows.
You need 1 cup of rolled oats (or rye flakes). I bought these from Berkeley Bowl, my favorite grocery store in the world!
Roast the rolled oats or rye flakes from Step 2.
Crush the walnut haves into little pieces by pounding them in a zipper bag.
Roast the walnut pieces on a pan over medium heat.
Coat a 9X5 plastic container or a baking pan with waxed paper.
Melt the butter in a pan over low to medium heat.
Add marshmallows from Step 1 into buttered pan from Step 7.
When the marshmallows are all liquidified, turn off the heat, and add the remaining ingredients of your choice (e.g., walnuts and raisins)
Move the mix from Step 9 into the prepared pan from Step 6 and flatten the top evenly with a spatula. Then refrigerate for approximately 20 minutes.
Once the mix is cooled off, wrap it in aluminum foil and refrigerate for another half hour.
Cut into individual granola bars.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a tasty, healthier alternative rice crispy treats. I can gift these and not look as cheap! hehehe

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