Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roasted Seaweed - Gim


This is my favorite way of eating rice! Just place a piece of roasted seaweed paper on top of a bowl of rice, then make an instant sushi by squeezing the rice with chopsticks. This is even better with a piece of kimchi. I can probably finish a large bowl of rice just with roasted seaweed and kimchi.

Japanese dry seaweed paper nori is widely popular as a sushi paper, but Korean dry-seaweed gim is not much known to non-Koreans. Both nori and gim are red laver harvested and dried in paper-thin sheets of a standard size, but the main difference lies in its thickness. Nori is often used for wrapping sushi rolls. On the other hand, gim is served more like a side dish to a rice meal in Korean culture. You can still use gim for making California rolls or gimbab, but nori is preferred for sushi or rice wrapping than gim. The best way to enjoy gim is as shown above. It is a very simple combination, but the crispy gim with a right amount of salt makes a wonderful taste together.

Please note this post shows how to season and roast gim at home. If you don't mind factory-packaged gim, there are many pre-roasted and seasoned gims sold in the market these days.


Korean dried-seaweed paper (gim, similar to nori in Japanese but thinner)
sesame oi

Brush each sheet of Korean dried-seaweed paper, gim, with sesame oil.

Sprinkle salt evenly onto each sheet of gim. Stack each sheet of gim on top of another so that they are seasoned on both sides.

On a griddle, roast each sheet of gim on low to medium heat. Be careful not to over-roast. If the color turns light green, that means it's overdone. You want to make it just be crispy and yet not burnt.

Cut each sheet of gim into approximately 2"x4" size. You can make approximately 8 small pieces from a standard sheet of gim. You can either use a pair of scissor or use a knife to cut into a stack of roasted gim. I find using a knife easier to cut a large amount of gim at once.

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