Monday, April 7, 2008

Kimchi Pancake


Pancakes in general, whether they are the breakfast kinds or Korean pancakes like this, must be the specialty of someone who is very patient and disciplined, I think. Not only do you have to resist the temptation to turn it over too quickly, it also requires standing and staring for several minutes at a slow-cooking pancake over medium heat. I am not very good at this as I have a terrible tendency to set up multiple tasks when I am cooking and get easily distracted one from another. This slightly burned, kimchi pancake is a result of my such habit of cooking. Luckily, I saved it at the very last minute, and though it may not look too appetizing at first, the taste was unaffected and came out just as delicious ;) Didn’t I say before that you can’t really go wrong when cooking with kimchi?

For 2 servings

Korean pancake mix (3/4 cup, or use flour and egg)
water (1/2 cup)
kimchi (2/3 cup, chopped coarsely)
onion (1/2, medium size sliced)

Mix Korean pancake mix (3/4) and water (1/2). If you don't have Korean pancake mix, you could use flour (3/4 cup) and an egg instead.

Add kimchi and onions.

On high heat, glaze the pan with enough oil.

Pour the kimchi mix onto the pan and on medium heat cook until both sides turn slightly crispy. With the ingredients provided, you could make two thin pancakes that are about a half foot in diameter or one big and fat pancake like in the picture.

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