Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend Getaway

In the sprit of spring, Min and I took a drive out to Marin County. It's just an hour from where we live, but it seems a world away from the hustle and bustles of a big city. The sight of never-ending rolling hills and California Happy Cows grazing the vast grass fields still lingered in my memories from our last trip to Point Reyes Station, a simple and yet rich farming community tucked away in the northwest of San Francisco. This time, we decided to check out an oyster farm in Tomales Bay, just 10 miles north of PRS.

When we arrived at the Tomales Bay Oyster Co., there were already several groups of people picnicking and we were left with the very last table, which was occupied by a lazy fat cat taking its afternoon nap. We had no choice but to share the table with it, and it didn’t seem to mind at all; it only took a glance at us and went back to sleep as we took the seat next to her. And it didn’t even bother to wake up afterwards even as Min was banging on the table shuckling oysters.

The oysters, even the small-sized ones, were so big, meaty and flavorful. Before we even knew it, we had finished all two dozen oysters (only $27!) with which Min labored very much shuckling and were left with a scar on one hand at the end. Nonetheless, we savored each fresh-shucked oyster topped with a splash of lime juice and Korean vinegary red pepper sauce (for me) and habanero Tobasco sauce (for Min). We longed for more fresh oysters but supplemented our lunch with cheese and baguette that we picked up on our way from a local creamery and left piles of finished oyster shells behind with hopes to come back again with friends and families later.

On our way back, we stopped by Toby’s Feed Barn in Point Reyes Station to buy some fresh organic fruits. And at a nearby trail to the Tomales Bay, we were greeted by some kite runners and more California Happy Cows on their green territory. Marin farming communities, considering the proximity to the second largest city in the US, are less obvious places to be found with such pristine nature and its beauty remaining intact. It certainly is a deserving presence in the most attractive region in the country. Happy weekend everybody ~

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