Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gordon Ramsey's Scrambled Eggs

스크램블 에그

Few days ago, when Min and I were grocery shopping, Min insisted that we buy portobello mushrooms and I wondered what he had in mind. On Sunday morning, he revealed his plan and boasted his cooking skills with a little help from Gordon Ramsey whom he follows on every single episode of Hell's Kitchen TV Show. Personally I am not a big fan of Gordon Ramsey because he is too rude to people, but I guess some people find such a character to be more entertaining than his foods. Nevertheless, Gordon Ramsey's scrambled eggs and mushrooms (by Min) were so yummy. I often like foods that are simple and are true to the taste of its raw ingredients. In this recipe, I particularly loved the juicy, tender and mushroomy flavor of portobello. Scrambled eggs were just perfect too which were very creamy and mildly fluffy.

For 2 servings:

eggs (4)
butter (2 tbl)
cherry tomatoes (20)
cream (1/2 tbl)
porabella mushrooms (2)
chives (1 tbl, chopped)
olive oil

Glaze a skillet with enough olive oil and place portobello mushrooms and cherry tomatoes (in vine, if possible). Sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper over and let them cook by themselves in low to medium heat.

While the mushrooms and tomatoes are cooking, in a separate pan slowly whisk eggs and butter over medium heat.

Keep stirring on and off the heat as the eggs start to get fluffy.

Add some fresh cream to eggs.

Season the eggs with little bit of salt and pepper and chopped chives. Instead of chives, we used scallion that we had. Serve with portobello mushrooms and tomatoes and a piece of sour dough bread.


Min said...

You forgot a step between 2 and 3 where we took out half the butter we put in, LOL

Anonymous said...

how come the scrambled eggs look like uni?

Min said...

No mo avocados for bman...

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