Monday, March 10, 2008

Kimchi Tofu Casserole

김치두부전골 [Kim-chi-To-fu-Jeon-Gol]

My mother-in-law used to be a professional chef. Though she’s now retired, I still find some traits of a professional chef in her when she’s at cooking.

First, she cooks at an incredible speed; At one moment, I’d see her opening a refrigerator door, and next I’d find something already being stir-fried on the stove and is ready to be served. She also cooks a lot both by the sheer quantity of food and the variety of dishes she prepare. Whenever we are eating at her place, I see her bring out side-dishes one after another only until there’s no more room on the table. It’s just overwhelming to see so many foods on a table sometimes. Lastly but not least, her dishes are so delicious that they leave our taste buds spoiled for a long time. Need I say more?

Looking at the picture of dinner table at my mother-in-law’s above reminds me of what she once told me about the three qualities of foods: they have to look good, taste delicious and are nutritious for our body. :D

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