Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Soybean Paste

된장 [Doen-Jang]

When I was young and when my mom asked me to scoop some soybean paste for her, I refused to help. It was too gross to look at.

Now I am all grown up and married to another soybean paste lover, Min and I make soybean soup (Doen-Jang Jjigye) at least couple times a week. It is Soup of the Day by default.

The making of soybean paste sounds like a very arduous and time-consuming process. There are many brands that make ready-to-cook soybean paste. I would just buy them in a market or ask for a good kind from mom.

It is too funny to think about it now - When I got married and came back from honeymoon, every moms I met volunteered to give me good soybean paste they bought somewhere or that someone they know made. I have 5 different kinds of soybean paste in my fridge right now, but I would still take few more if someone offers :P

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