Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hyo Dong Gak - New York, NY

Hyo Dong Gak

36th St. between 5th Ave + Broadway
New York, NY

The picture above is Jja-Jang-Myun from Hyo Dong Gak where my husband Min and I used to go often when (of course, when we were living in NY) the craving for this mysterious black noodles kicks in occasionally.

It is mysterious for its lost national identity. According to many, this noodle is only found in Chinese restaurants in Korea or Korean restaurants in China. I believe it was first created by Korean Chinese living in China, and then when they moved to Korea, they were simply treated as Chinese.

According to Min, this place makes the best Jja-Jang-Myun he has ever had. He recommends to order 'Seafood Jja Jang Myun with Red Pepper', which is rarely available in other restaurants alike.


ducci said...

I believe it is derived from this Chinese dish:

Migi said...

@Ducci- thanks for sharing the link!

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