Sunday, December 5, 2010

Butter Roasted Sweet Anchovies

버터 멸치볶음[butter-myul-chil-bok-eum]
I love Korean-Western fusion dishes because they tend to bring out the best of both cuisines. This butter-roasted anchovies is a good example. I find the combination of salty anchovies roasted in sweet butter and mixed with almonds to be surprisingly delicious. They are crunch and salty, and can be quite addictive. I keep eating them as snacks even after finishing my meal.

anchovy (100g, the smallest anchovies called "jiri myulchi")
sliced almond (50g)
butter (30g)
sugar (3 tbl)

The anchovies I used here are really tiny ones. Each anchovy is probably less than a quarter of an inch tall and thinner than a thread of yarn. .
Soak the anchovies in water to wash and then squeeze dry them.
Spread them on a large plate and microwave for 3 minutes to dry.
Melt the butter and sugar in a skillet over low to medium heat.
Mix in the dry anchovies to butter mix and stir-fry for approximately 5 minutes. The key is to stir-fry patiently for long time over medium heat.
Add sliced almonds to the anchovy mix from Step 6 and stir-fry another minute or so.


Renee said...

That actually sounds very good! Very creative.

Migi said...

Hi Renee, Thanks for stopping by!

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