Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candied Sweet Potato

Gogumamotang used to be one of my favorite side dishes when I was little. But sometime in the past few years I lost my sweet tooth, and my usual craving for gogumamotang never came back. It saddens me whenever I find something I used to love so much as a child doesn't delight me any more. It feels like growing 'old' not up. So this time, determined to reproduce good memories again, I made it again but using less sugar than usual. With less sugar, it came out to be perfect to my grown-up taste and just sweet as I remembered as a child.

Ingredients for 4 Servings

Asian sweet potatoes (4-5)
sugar (2-3 tbl)
water (7 tbl)
sesame seeds (1/2 tbl, black)
oil (1 tbl, and additional oil for deep-frying)

Thoroughly wash the sweet potatoes and cut them into small wedges.

Soak the sweet potato wedges in water for 10+ minutes to wash off starch.

Pat-dry the sweet potatoes in paper towel.

Deep fry.

In a sauce pan, melt sugar (3 tbl) in water (7tbl) and oil (1tbl) over low heat. Don't stir the sugar. Just let it melt slowly.

When the sugar is melt, add the fried sweet potatoes from Step 4.

Quickly coat the sweet potato wedges in sugar sauce and sprinkle black sesame seeds right before removing from the heat.

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Renee said...

If I can get my hands on some Korean sweet potoatoes, I'll definitely make this soon.

Migi said...

Hi Renee, I just got a brilliant idea. If you send me a picture of your dish, I'll post it on this blog. :D

Kris said...

I wonder, do these have a crisp outside and soft inside. I had something like this once or twice and it was to die for. I loved it.

Migi said...

Yes this is it, Kris.