Thursday, April 24, 2008

Seafood Scallion Pancake


I wish the picture of this seafood scallion pancake turned out to be more appetizing than it looks on the screen because it really is delicious. I guess its two dimensional form couldn't help it. Nonetheless, these seafood scallion pancakes make the best appetizer ever especially if they are served right off the stove when they are still hot and crispy.

For 2-3 servings:

scallion (6 stalks, cut in half)
seafood mix (1/2 cup)
flour (1 cup)
water (3/4 cup)
egg (1)

Mix flour and water.

Mix in seafood mix.

Cut scallions about 4 inches long and lightly coat them with flour.

Add half of the prepared scallions into the seafood and flour mix.

On a skillet in high heat, place a few stalks of scallions over oiled surface.

Pour the seafood scallion mix onto the skillet, and cook at high heat for the first couple minutes and reduce to medium heat.

When the bottom side of the pancake is about cooked, pour an egg mix over and around the edge of the pancake.

Add remaining scallions onto the top and fry both sides of the pancake by turning until they turn golden and crispy.


Min said...

Not much different from Pankegg, really :D

Anonymous said...

Omg Looks soo delicious!

Ave said...

may i know what kind of flour are u using ~?! korean pancake flour ~? or multi-purpose flour~? ..

may i know the diff of the texture, please ~

Thank you ~=)

Migi said...

Hi Ave,

I used regular multi-purpose flour in this recipe. You can also use Korean pancake flour as well.

maymay said...

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