Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jong Ga House - Oakland, CA

Jong Ga House
372 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

Does anyone know anybody who is allergic to chicken? I didn't, until I married one. Thinking I could live without chicken, I married the guy (last fall) and have not been cooking it ever since. ;) But few weeks ago, I had a serious craving for Samgyetang, Chicken Ginseng Soup, so we decided to eat out in a nearby Korean restaurant instead of me trying to cook and spread the smell all over the house.

It was a good excuse to eat out anyways, and we went to Jong Ga House, one of our favorite Korean restaurants in the neighborhood. Their main dishes are all very delicious, but their specialty is in the cold water-kimchi noodle soup served as an appetizer and 14+ different kinds of side dishes that come at free of charge. Their appetizer noodle soup is Min's favorite and he drools over it. He says, he would go there just for the appetizer soup. For me, I get all excited when they bring out mini morsels of so many different side dishes. On the day we went, they had 14 side dishes. Even better is they didn't mind giving us free refills as we finished each side dish.

I ordered Samgyetang as planned, and Min had Tofu Bibimbop. They were both very good, and my craving was well settled :)

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Min said...

Don't read too much into her sudden cravings, y'all ^^;