Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Party Noodle Soup


Min and I had this noodle soup on a Sunday morning few weeks ago. Though the name suggests, it wasn’t for a special occasion or anything; we just wanted to have something light and maybe a little colorful for our Sunday brunch. Party Noodle Soup - it is called such because of the custom that when there is a special occasion in Korea like weddings or birthdays where a big crowd is to show up, mostly without reservations, the host usually served them a bowl of noodle soup, which is deemed the easiest and the most economical dish and yet which still makes a fancy treat to the guests. There is also a Korean saying that noodles prolong one's life - so, what a bargain it is! If I served guests a bowl of noodle soup in my wedding instead of chateau steak and arugula salad, I think I could’ve invited many more friends and families and still saved lots of $$... ;D

Min and I had lots of fun making this noodle soup, especially with the toppings. The key to making them is to use ingredients of different colors. I think they look so pretty in my new hunched bowl from Crate & Barrel, too. :D

For 2 servings

Soup base:
dried anchovies (14)
dried kelps (2, used for garnish as well)
noodles (2 servings)
water (5 cup)

Garnishes/ toppings:
scallion (2 stalks, chopped)
dried laver/seaweed (1/4 sheet, shredded)
egg (1)
white zucchini (1/2, sliced)
salt (1/2 tsp)
salted shrimp sauce (1/2 tsp)
sesame oil (2 tsp)
sesame seeds (2 tsp)

Cook the noodle in boiling water for 3 minutes, drain and set it aside.

Make soup stock by bringing dried anchovies and dried kelps to boil.

Take out anchovies and kelps shortly after the water starts boiling.

Slice the cooked kelp (from Step 3) into thin shreds.

Mix an egg with some salt.

On high heat, oil the pan and spread the egg mix thin and wide. Then cook on medium heat until the surface is hardened.

Roll and slice the egg into thin shreds.

Scoop out the seeds from white zucchini in the middle and slice.

Sprinkle salt over the sliced zucchinis and let it sit for 30 minutes until the the zucchinis are thoroughly salted and become wet.

After 30 minutes, squeeze out the water from zucchini.

Stir-fry the zucchinis with added scallion (1 stalk, chopped), salted shrimp (1/2 tsp) and a splash of sesame oil.

Shred a quarter sheet of dry laver.

When all the garnishes are ready...

Pour the soup stock from Step 2 over the noodles.

Add garnishes and a dash of sesame seeds on top. Serve with kimchi or soy sauce for extra seasoning.


hy said...

I tried this last night but I used too much water. I'm going to try it again though. Thank you for the recipe!

Migi said...

If you find my recipe for the noodle soup kinda bland, try topping it with seasoned soy sauce (soy sauce+minced garlic+crushed sesame seeds+minced scallion+sesame oil) or kimchi. Good luck!