Friday, March 21, 2008

Egg-Potato Soup


Min is a spicy food addict who proclaims he triumphed, being listed on the Hall of Fame for finishing the infamous Habanero hamburger in some pub in San Mateo. On the other hand, I am very opposite to him. Compared to average Koreans, the level of spiciness I can tolerate in my body is very low and the only spicy foods I can have are probably kimchi and just few other dishes. So, whenever I make a spicy food like Kimchi Fried Rice as before (this is only considered moderately spicy though), I try to serve it with more mild and soothing dish to cool my mouth down afterwards. This mild Egg-Potato Soup definitely goes well with Kimchi Fried Rice.

For 2 servings

Soup base:
dried anchovies (10)
dried kelps (1)
water (5 cup)

Main ingredients:
potatoes (3/4 cup, sliced or cut bite-size)
onion (1/4 sheet, sliced)
egg (1)
scallion (1, julienned)
shitake mushroom (1, sliced)
salt (1 1/2 tsp)

Make soup stock by brining dried anchovies and dried kelps to boil.

Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables.

Fish out the anchovies and kelps shortly after the water starts boiling.

Add potatoes and rest of the vegetables.

Skim off any foam that develops. The soup looks cleaner that way...

Mix an egg with some salt.

Slowly stir in the egg.

Season the soup with some salt and bring it to boil again. Serve with ground pepper.


Yunni said...

Thank you so much for this recipe! I googled and googled and couldn't find this until coming across your amazing website! :) It's arainy day and my umma used to make this and I was craving to warm me up. Thank you thank you =) !!

Migi said...

@Yunni, yay I am so glad you like this soup. This is such a mom's soup that you can't really find anywhere but your own or umma's kitchen. I doubt any restaurant serves this soup.