Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sushi House - Alameda, CA

Sushi House
2375 Shoreline Dr.
Alameda, CA 94501

Just about when I was flipping through recipe books and comparing available ingredients in my fridge, Min im'ed me and suggested that we eat out with friends for dinner. I sure needed a break from my cooking and wanted to step out of my kitchen for a day.

We used to eat out very often when we're living in New York, but after we moved to California and got married, we've been eating at home most of times. I like eating at home because it is much healthier and enjoyable, and also money saving. But, occasionally, you do want to taste someone else's foods. And, I did.

I'd say Sushi House is a place to go if you feel like having lots of fresh sushi (meaning big sushi's) at a relatively affordable price. The sushi boat that we ordered for 4 people was quite impressive. Whenever we order one of those big boats, ships, or whatever, I love staring at them with chopsticks on one hand, before taking the first pick. I can feel my mouth slowly getting wet... :D