Sunday, March 2, 2008

Daikon radish

무 [Moo]

‘Radish legs’ is a very commonly used expression in Korean language to describe or deride a woman with fat, round ugly legs. For women, Korean Daikon radish is the last thing they want their legs to look like. Despite its seemingly unfriendly shape, however, many Korean women love (Korean Daikon) radish soup or any dish made with the radish. I am one of them. ;D

Korean Daikon radish, similar to Japanese Daikon radish, is white in color and brings out sweetness when used in dish. It is often used as a soup base or makes a delicate side-dish by itself.

A fresh (Korean Daikon) radish shows clear green color toward its leafy end, has smooth skin showing no scars, and is dense and juicy inside.

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tastingkorea said...

Actually, 'daikon' is only used for the Japanese version of white radish. Korean radish is 'mu'.

junior chef said...

annyeong haseyo migi..
i can`t take pork in my meal.. so can i just replace it with beef..??

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