Sunday, December 5, 2010

Roasted Spicy Anchovies

고추장 멸치볶음[go-choo-jang-myul-chil-bok-eum]
If you grew up in a Korean family, you would recognize this dish right away. It is a signature side dish our moms pretty much forced us to eat everyday when we were little. Or, at least my mom did. Korean moms believe that anchovies are very rich in calcium because you get to consume the whole fish including their bones. The average height of Korean people has significantly increased in the past couple decades probably due to many factors, but I am sure these anchovies played some role (with milk and other dairy products being the biggest factors). I didn’t really enjoy eating them when I was little (maybe that’s why I am not tall), but as a grown-up I really enjoy munching on these spicy and chewy anchovies to go with rice.

anchovies (2 cup, medium size)
olive oil (4 tbl)

Ingredients for sauce:
chili paste (3 tbl)
olive oil (2 tbl)
garlic (1 tbl, minced)
sugar (1/2 tbl)
water (1/3 cup)
cooking wine (1 tbl)
oligo syrup/corn syrup (2 tbl)

Oil the pan and stir-fry the anchovies in a dry skillet over medium heat and set them aside.
In a new skillet, mix chili paste, oil, garlic, sugar, cooking wine and water over medium heat until they are thoroughly mixed.
Add the roasted anchovies onto the sauce and mix thoroughly over medium heat.
Remove from heat and glaze the mix with drops of oligo or corn syrup. Sprinkle some sesame seeds before serving.


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