Saturday, October 24, 2009

Korea: Ancient Food, Modern World

This is an excellent documentary on Korean foods and its culture. I came across this clip couple weeks ago on PBS and felt so thankful to WGBH for making this film. This film captures the essence of Korean foods in terms of its culture and history.

I think the Korean foods and its culture are still very much unknown to the western society. Compared to other ethnic cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Thai, Korean foods definitely lack some spotlights. I blame it partially on the lack of marketing by Koreans.

Korean government
has acknowledge this fact and started promoting Korean foods more widely. For example, the First Lady of Korea showcased Korean cooking on CNN a few days ago, and she cooked Korean foods for the veterans of Korean War in Long Islands. I think this is an excellent move, and I am glad I can also play a role in bringing the Korean foods a little closer to non-Koreans.


Renee said...

I love your blog and thank you for this post! Korean food is so delicious, right?

janesoren said...

you have a wonderful blog. i love korean food! very healthy and spicy.

le pseudocanadienne said...

Hi Migi, I chanced upon ur blog n luv it! I'm into Kdramas n Kfood these days *__*. I hav been looking 4 a recipe where they cook sticky rice in a pumpkin n hav no luck so far. Can u pls kindly let me know wht it's called in Korean? Thks so much :p

Migi said...

Hi there - The recipe you are looking for is called 호박찜밥 [ho-bak-jjim-bab]. I haven't made this myself yet, but I found a link to its Korean recipe.
It seems like the person used some sweet potatoes and various grains, and coated with egg. This looks very good and also nutritious. I should try this at home. :)