Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dried Pollock Soup

Dried pollock soup is famously known as hang-over soup in Korea. Neither Min or I am a heavy drinker, but according to some alcohol fans that I know, the soup tastes so good that it feels as if they are in the heaven after a night of hard drinking. I also read that dried pollack is rich in fish proteins and amino acids which protect the liver and detoxify the body. I may not know the real heavenly taste of this soup that some people claim, but this is a really-easy-to-make soup that goes along well with any rice meal.

Ingredients for 4 servings

water (6 cups)
dried pollock (1)
leek (1)
daikon radish (1/6)
tofu (1/2 block)
enoki mushroom
red pepper (1)
egg (2, beaten, optional)
bean sprout (2 handful)

garlic (1 tbl, minced)
sesame oil (3 tsp)
Korean soy sauce (1 tbl)
salted shrimp sauce (3 tsp)
chili powder (2 tsp, optional)
salt and pepper

Dried pollak looks like this. Because of its yellow color, it is also called hwangtae meaning yellow pollack.

Strip the fillet into small pieces as shown in the picture.

Soak the pieces in water for 10+ minutes.

Meanwhile, boil the pollack head in water to make the pollack stock.

squeeze out the water off pollack pieces in Step 3, and marinate them in soy sauce and sesame oil for another 5+ minutes.

Prepare the vegetables.

Stir-fry the pieces from Step 5 in sesame oil.

Add water to Step 6 along with vegetables from Step 7 and seasonings such as garlic, salted shrimp sauce, salt and pepper, etc. Boil for 15+ minutes. Optionally, you can stir in beaten eggs into the soup.

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Yangsze said...

Hi Migi,

I just found your blog after surfing around looking for recipes. What a wonderful blog with beautiful pictures! I've always wondered how to cook the dried pollock I saw in Korean markets -- next time I will try this soup. Please keep writing and sharing your recipes!

Migi said...


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