Monday, March 9, 2009

Tofu Steak


We had this tofu patty as a side-dish along with our rice meal. Other than being a side-dish, I think this dish alone could make a wonderful vegetarian alternative to a beef patty. The key here is to drain out water from tofu completely. If you have a piece of cooking linen, try using it to squeeze out water from tofu.

For 4 servings

oil for the pan
tofu (1 pack, medium firm)
carrot (1/4, chopped)
onion (1/2, chopped)
zucchini (1/4, chopped)
mushroom (3, sliced)
Korean pancake mix/부침가루 (3 tbl, or flour)
potato starch/녹말가루 (3 tbl)
salt and pepper

Chop carrots, zucchini onions, and set aside.

Slice mushrooms.

Pat dry tofu and drain water completely. Or, squeeze out water completely by tightly wrapping in a cooking linen, if available.

In a large bowl, mix the chopped vegetables from Step 1 (except mushroom), and add pancake mix (3 tbl), potato starch (3 tbl), egg (1) and a dash of salt and pepper. Be sure to add enough salt.

Crush the tofu from Step 3.

Mix them well together.

Oil the pan over medium to high heat.

Coat each mushroom slice with potato starch.

Pan fry the vegetable-tofu patty over medium heat and top it with a slice of mushroom from Step 8. Serve with ketchup or steak sauce.


mina said...

ohhh, looks so delicious and simple. thanks for the recipe, i'll have to try it soon. (:

Renee said...

I'm not so good at cooking tofu, but I'm excited to try this recipe! Thanks.