Thursday, February 5, 2009

New York New York

I feel super guilty about posting this almost three months after we came back from the trip. But, it's better to be late than never. So, here they are... We went to New York as our first anniversary trip. I know... it's been a year already since we said 'I do'. Among the many things that Min and I had promised to do was to go back to New York as our anniversary trip.

New York holds a very special place in both of our hearts. Min and I met each other in NYC, fell in love in NYC and with NYC. When he popped the question, I was sitting on a bench in the Central Park. After all, it is a wonderful city to fall in love in and with. So, when we went back this time, it was like riding a time machine. We went to places where we left our memories and hearts in. Many of them turned out to be places to eat...

New York is best known for its pizza. Di Fara in Brooklyn must be the best of the best pizzeria in New York City, if not in the world. Frankly, we had been craving for Di Fara ever since we moved back to California. The first thing we did after we checked in to our hotel was to get on the subway bound to Brooklyn. It takes about forty minutes from Manhattan. That's considered short when compared to the usual wait time in Di Fara. One time we went there, we waited an hour to place an order then wait another hour or so to finally get our pizza. After the first bite, we both agreed it was worth it. This time, we said it was worth the trip from California.

The 32nd Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue is a little Korea Town in the heart of Manhattan. Despite its cramped location, this place probably offers the most number of 'good' Korean restaurants per block than anywhere in the world. Almost every single one of them is my favorite restaurant. Woorijip, shown in picture, sells many Korean main and side dishes in buffet style. One of our favorite dishes from Woorijip is the Kimari, deep-fried noodle rolls. Yummy.

Gham Mi Oak is one of my favorite Korean restaurants here, too. Gahm Mi Oak is known for sulungtang, the beef noodle soup and is probably better known for their homemade kimchi. Their bibimbap is also one of the best I've ever had. I heard rumors that when Lee Kun Hee, the CEO of Samsung Corp visits New York, he always orders a bowl of bibimbap from Gahm Mi Oak to take with him on his return flight to Korea.

This is aged kimchi mackeral stew from Ham Ji Bak in Flushing. It is one of the rare dishes that you cannot easily find in many Korean restaurants. Thanks to Sujung/David couple, we got to taste this special dish in Flushing, which is another mecca for quality Korean foods/restaurants. Flushing is about forty minute subway ride from Manhattan, and this is the place where all the locals (including Koreans) go to get Korean foods.

Our anniversary trip to New York made us feel like being back in time. And, every street corner we turned, there was something we remembered together. On our way back, Min proposed that we move back to New York on our 30th anniversary trip. That would be November 3, 2037! Yes, it's our retirement plan. I know... we would have to have lots of savings until then. Happy planning~

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