Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant - Oakland, CA

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant
6100 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

It was our second year anniversary. No, not our marriage but from the day we started dating. Though we decided to consolidate such anniversaries to one - our wedding day, it just feels good to find a romantic excuse to eat out like this on a regular weekday. Couple months ago, Min had surprised me by taking me to a nice Moroccan restaurant on our 100th day of the wedding. See, there are so many ways to celebrate everyday!

For this particular day, we decided to try an Ethiopian restaurant on Telegraph in Oakland. Given the location on Telgraph Ave in Oakland, honestly, the place from the outside seemed far from a place where any couple would like to celebrate their anniversary. Until I stepped inside, I still had a doubt whether the place was open or not. To my surprise, the interior was neatly arranged and there were quite many people inside. We ordered, I forget their name, some basic Addis platter which came with so many foods. I wish I could elaborate on all those dishes that came out, only if I had known their names and the ingredients... They were all very delicious. Their soury Ethiopian bread was also strangely addictive in a very good way. A special thing about Ethiopian food is that you also get to taste how delicious your fingers are when eaten with hands. :)

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