Friday, April 18, 2008

Garlic Chive Pancake


Garlic chive pancake used to be my favorite jeon (pancake) as I was growing up. When my mom was making a batch of garlic chive pancakes for dinner, I would often stand by her with a mini bowl of ketchup (for dipping sauce) and a plate anxiously waiting for each pancake to be passed over to the plate when it's cooked. My sisters and I then devoured the toasty, chewy garlic chive pancakes even before dad got home, making only few left for the family dinner.

For 2 servings

flour or Korean pancake mix (3/4 cup)
ice cold water (1/2 cup)
garlic chives (10 stalks)

For Dipping Sauce:
soy sauce (2T)
vinegar (1T)

Mix the Korean pancake mix (3/4 cup) and ice cold water (1/2 cup). Colder the water, more crispier the pancake would get. If Korean pancake mix is not available, use flour instead.

Cut garlic chives about 4-5 inches long.

Add half the garlic chives into the pancake mix.

Glze a skillet with oil and place some of the garlic chives that had not been added to the pancake mix.

Pour the garlic chive pancake mix onto the skillet.

Place rest of the garlic chives on top. This step (and Step 4) help garlic chives visible from the pancake.

Fry both sides of the pancake until they turn golden and crispy.


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Kitty said...

Hello there,

Thanks for this recipe. I just made it (twice!) today - the cold water really made it nice and crispy. The flour and water ratio in your recipe didn't work when I used plain flour. I had to add roughly 3 times the amount of water to bring it to batter consistency. Otherwise, the recipe is great and the dipping sauce complemented perfectly. I was a bit doubtful at first, but the chives turned out to be so tasty just on their own. It just goes to show that keeping it simple usually makes something even more special! Also, your photos made it very easy to see how to make it. A plus!!!

Thanks and regards,

Migi said...

Thanks for the comment!

Ayoengisme said...

thanks for the recipe!!
so simple for me and i also add 3 times the amount of water with plain flour.

Migi said...

@redcrab'scorner - wow! that's a lot!

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