Thursday, March 6, 2008

Colorful Rice Cake Balls

찹쌀경단 [Chop-Ssal-Gyung-Dan]

These Korean rice-cake balls are, again, my mom’s creation from the weekend we were visiting my parents. During that weekend, as I said in my previous post, my mom and dad got so excited about me blogging Korean food that they constantly wanted to cook something for us. It made me think, why didn't I start this blog much sooner? :D

It happened that my sister, Misa was baking a birthday cake for her friend and had some left over cake crumbs. With those, mom said we could make rice-cake balls. What you are seeing above are Korean rice-cake balls, coated with cake crumb and ground black sesame seeds.

For 4 servings (make about 20)

sweet rice flour (2 cup)
hot water (1 1/2 cup)
salt (1 tsp)
cake crumb (1 cup)
ground black sesame seeds or flax seeds (3/4 cup)

Mix sweet rice powder and salt.

Add hot water.

Mix the dough until smooth. And, leave it in room temperature for 1 hour.

While waiting, prepare the cake crumb and ground black sesame seeds and set them aside.

Make small balls of smooth surface.

Cook the small balls in boiling water until they rise onto the surface of water.

Cool them off in ice water immediately after they are taken out of the boiling water.

Coat them with bread crumb or ground black sesame seeds.

If you don't have ground black sesame seeds, you can use ground flax seeds or chocolate cake crumb instead. Have fun~


Practigal said...

wow, that looks so delicious, and relatively easy to make. thanks for this blog! maybe i could try making this into song-pyun?

Migi said...

I've not yet tried making song-pyun myself at home, but I don't think the same method used here applies to song-pyun making. With song-pyuns, you are supposed to steam the dough instead of boiling it in water to cook. Maybe you could try making semi -songpyun and/or semi-ricecake balls by putting song-pyun fillings inside the ricecake balls and coating them with cake crumb afterwards? ;D

ai said...

How long will this keep if I'd like to send some to a friend?

Migi said...

Hi ai,
Sorry of late response. This won't last for too long since it's made of rice. I would say 1-2 days.