Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beard Papa - San Francisco, CA

Beard Papa
845 Market Street Suite # FE 16

San Francisco, CA 94103

This past weekend, my aunt came to visit us from Chico. Though it was not her first time in the Bay Area, we wanted to take her for some sightseeing. We hadn't decided where to go until we were already in the car and up on the ramp to I-880. Min asked again - so where are we going? When we were up on the ramp and on the highway, the skyline of San Francisco across the bay came into sight before us. As spontaneously as we plan things, few minutes later we crossed the Bay Bridge and took the downtown exit. As we were about to cruise through the downtown, Min asked with a smile if we want to have cream puffs. Then I remembered there is one Beard Papa store in SF downtown.

When Min and I were living in New York, we often stopped by Beard Papa (on Broadway and 84th in Upper West Side) on our way back from grocery shopping in Fairway a few blocks down. They sell the freshest, giant vanilla cream puffs and also offer daily special flavors. We'd order one regular and one daily special and finish them on the spot. Since we left New York last fall, we haven't had their cream puffs for the longest time. So, when Min mentioned Beard Papa, it took me back in time and place when we were dating in New York, and spending much time and money pigging out on foods like pizza, sweets and finger foods. Sometimes it's overwhelming to think that all the changes in our lives (getting engaged, moving back from the East coast, getting married, and finally settling down in the Bay Area) took place within just past year... Like Min, the cream puffs make me smile, too. It may be because we are still "newly wed" after all, for we tend to attribute sentimental values to everything we do and stuff we eat :) I wish that we continue to enjoy Beard Papa's cream puffs with the same smile and excitement like today again and again in our years to come.

We forgot to take a picture of cream puffs this time, but instead here is one from few months back from New York. :D

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