Thursday, January 10, 2008

Side Dishes

반찬 [Ban-Chan]

We went to LA over the President's Day weekend, and thanks to our moms, we've got some new addition to our side dishes. Yay!

Here they go. Read left to right and top to down :

1. gochuboogak - fried dried red peppers
2. kkadoogi - Radish kimchi
3. myulchi bokum - dried anchovies stir-fried in chili paste sauce
4. maeshil jjangchi - Japanese apricots marinated in chili paste
5. hngahwe - skates fermented in chili paste and vinegar sauce
6. kongjang - Black beans cooked in soy sauce and corn syrup
7. jjangachi - jalepeno and garlic marinated in vinegar and soy sauce
8. habanero stuffed olive
9. artichoke herats marinated in oil from Costco~

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Anonymous said...

can you show us how to make the dried anchovies in chili paste? i love those!

Migi said...

Mellisa -
It's one of my favorite banchan, too. It's supposed to be rich in calcium and other minerals. :) I am going to try to post the recipe some time next week or later. Meanwhile, try the following steps if you can't wait:
1. Remove the guts/internals of anchovies(3cup) 2. In a bowl, mix the following ingredients to make the sauce: chili paste(3T) + sugar(3T) + soy sauce(1T) + minced garlic (2T) + oil(1T) 3. Pan fry them dry (w/o oil) for couple minutes over medium heat 4. Add the sauce from Step 2 to anchovies. 4. Mix them well together. 5. Add corn syrup(3T) and heat for couple more minutes.

Anonymous said...

thank you sooo much!! i will try those. I just watched this show about korea on the travel channel and i have the urge to go make kim chi :).