Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spicy Rice Cake Casserole

떡볶기 [Ttuk-Bbok-Kki]

In the Disney movie Ratatouille, when the mean food critic takes his first bite on the ratatouille, he is immediately taken back to the memories of his childhood. It is a quite heart-moving scene in the movie, I think. There is food like that for everybody - the food you grow up with.

For Koreans, Tdukbbokki is like that. Tdukbbokki vendors are easily found in street corners where any Junior High or High School is nearby. That's where all the gossips on the teachers and 'who's dating whom' type of talks are born and rarely die.

It is every child's dream to have so many Tdukbbokki's in their life. At least mine was. I now know how to cook this special dish, and I have full-filled one of the dreams from back then.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos while making this (you know where my mind was!). The how-to-cook photos will have to wait till next post.

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Anonymous said...

Please share your recipe for making dok bokee!!! I want to make some like the street vendors in Korea!

Migi said...

Here's what you asked for:D Click below for the magic recipe of ttukbboki!