Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dried Anchovies

마른멸치 [Ma-Reun-Myul-Chi]

Dried anchovies along with dried kelp make two of the most important base ingredients of Korean cooking, as they (medium to big size anchovies) are brewed to make soup stock for most Korean soups and casseroles. In other words, they are the secret ingredients to making the taste of Korean foods the way they are.

The quality of dried anchovies are also very important. My mom would always make a special order of dried anchovies and chili powder from Korea whenever she knows someone who is coming from Korea. The good quality, fresh(?) dried anchovies should be slivery and almost transparent in color and the savory smell should be there.

When using dried anchovies as soup base, in some cook books, it is recommended that I remove the head and internal parts to prevent bitter residue taste. But, I am too lazy to go through and clean each anchovy. They are too small to clean anything out of it! I think, the soup still tastes delicious!

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