Monday, October 26, 2009

October 29 to November 15

Finally, we will be in Korea from October 29 through November 15!

This trip is so special because it is the first time for Min going back to his mother country ever since his family moved to the United States more than two decades ago. The last time I went is 5 years ago. I am sure Korea has changed a lot since my last visit in 2004, then imagine how shocked he would be the moment we land on the Incheon Airport! There is a Korean saying that even the landscape (what is supposed to be a permanent fixture) transforms every 10 years. Considering the pace of change in Korea in the recent years, I am sure it will be more like going to a whole new country, not of my old home. While this change would be impressive, at the same time I am a bit afraid that we might feel estranged in our old home and feel disappointed to find many of old places in our memories to be gone.

Being foodies, Min and I had long compiled a list of restaurants to check-out during our visit, based on restaurant review sites, TV programs, books, and recommendations by our friends. Click here to see where we are going to eat. If you would like to suggest any place you know, please let me know so that we can keep adding. We won't have time to check out all of them, but I think this map could become useful when we are walking around in Korea with an empty stomach.

When we asked Min's uncle for his recommendations of places to go in Korea, he sent us an exhaustive list of his personal must-go places. After reading his e-mail, we only got disappointed at the fact that we didn't plan enough time in Korea to explore all those exciting places. We'll try to make as many as we can. Meanwhile, I share the list for anybody interested in exploring beautiful places in Korea:

코스 : 서울 ~ 강원도 ~ 동해안 ~ 남해안 ~ 서해안 ~ 서울 ....전국 일주 코스임.
Recommended tour by Min's uncle: Seoul-Kangwon-east coast-south coast-west coast-Seoul

1) 경기도 여주 - 신흥사 절구경 - 황포돛배 - 여주 도자기단지 구경
Yeoju, Kyungki Province - Shinheung Temple - Hwangpo boat ride - Yeoju ceramics village
2) 경기도 여주 - 세종대왕릉 구경 - 주변의 세종업적 기념물 구경
Yeoju, Kyungki Province - Tomb of King Sejong, King Sejong memorial center
3) 강원도 원주 - 오대산 단풍구경 (월정사 사찰구경, 국가지정 보물구경...)
Wonju, Kangwon Province - Mountain Odae (Temple Woljung, national treasure)
4) 강원도 속초 - 설악산 단풍구경 (신흥사 사찰구경, 권금성 케이블카)
Sokcho, Kangwon Province - foliage tour in Mountain Seolak (Shinheung Temple, cable car)
5) 강원도 강릉 - 오죽헌 고택답사 (신사임당 친정댁) - 경포대해수욕장 백사장 거닐기
Kangreung, Kangwon Province - Residence of Madam Shinsaimdang, Kyungpo beach
6) 강원도 동해 - 정동진 해돋이 모래시계 촬영지 (산 위의 배카페에서 커피 마시고)
East coast, Kangwon Province, sun rise in Jungdongjin, Korean drama site (a cup of coffee in the mountain top boat cafe)
7) 강원도 삼척 - 해신당 조각공원 (한적한 시골 바닷가 남여 성 섹스 상징 조각공원...ㅋㅋ)
Samcheok, Kangwon Province - Haesin Sculpture Park (Sex sculpture park in the middle of a tranquil oceanside town)
8) 경상북도 안동 - 하회마을 (임진왜란 때 영의정 유성룡 집안의 기와집 즐비함)
Andong, North Kyungsang Province - Hahwe village (lots of traditional houses)
9) 대구광역시 - 큰 외숙댁 방문
Daegu - visit aunt
10) 경북 포항시 - 포스코, 호미곶 (우리나라 해돋이 최고 지역 - 바닷가 등대 상생의 손 등 등)
포항공대 - 민우 졸업한 버클리와 자매결연대학교 - 국내 최고설비 (방사광가속기 등등)
Pohang, North Kyungsang Provnce - Posco, Homigot (the best place to see the sun rise)
Pohang Technical University - a sister university with University of California Berkeley
11) 부산 해운대 - 백사장과 갈매기 떼...백사장 지하의 아쿠아룸(수족관) 구경
Pusan Haeundae - lots of sea gulls, aquarium
12) 부산 양산 - 통도사 절 구경 (우리나라 3대 사찰중 한 곳 - 부처님의 진신사리를 모신 곳)
Pusan Yangsan - Tongdo Temple (one of the three best temples in Korea)
13) 남해안 - 삼천포 ~ 남해읍 ~ 섬진강 ~ 광양시 ~ 순천시 ~
South coast - Samcheonpo- Namhae Eup - Sumjin River - Kwangyang-Sooncheon
14) 광양시 봉강면 승훈이 셋째외숙 농장에 들려 외할아버지 외할머니 묘소 참배...
Kwangyang Bongang-myun - visit uncle's farm and Min's grandparents tombs
15) 광양시 둘째 외숙댁 방문
Kwangyang - visit uncle #2
16) 순천시 셋째 외숙댁 방문
Sooncheon - visit uncle #3
17) 순천시 순천만 갯뻘 및 갈대숲 거닐기....(고속보트 타고서 갯뻘 체험)
Sooncheon - walk along marshland (speed boat ride)
18) 순천시 낙안읍성 - 옛날 성곽 초가집 원님댁 등...구경
Soonchoen Nakan Eupsung - old houses
19) 보성군 녹차재배단지...구경
Bosung-gun - green tea fields
20) 영암군 - 월출산 및 도갑사 절구경 (금강산 월출산 유달산은 바위가 맥반석 재질임...)
Youngam-gun - Mountain Wolchool, Dogap Temple tour
21) 광주광역시 ~
Kwangju (Min's hometown)
22) 영광군 - 마라나타 절구경, 영광굴비 백반 식사....
(백제불교 최초 도래지 - 민우는 백제시대 벼슬아치 복장으로 사진 촬영가능 - 무료)
Youngwang-gun: Maranata Temple, rice meal with Yougwang cod
(The origin of Baekjae Buddhism, take a picture in the Bakjhae aristocrat costume)
23) 변산반도 - 채석강 (바닷가 절벽바위) - 내소사 단풍구경 ~ 우리나라 최대의 방조제 드라이브
Byunsan Peninsula - River Chaesuk (seaside cliff) - foliage tour in Naeso Temple, one of the best coastside drive courses
24) 백양사 단풍구경
Foliage tour in the Bakyang Temple
25) 내장사 단풍구경 (우리나라 최고의 단풍나무 숲)
Foliage tour in the Naejang Temple (the best foliage site)
26) 서해안 고창군 - 고창읍성 구경 (낙안읍성과 비슷한 옛 성곽임)
West coast Gochang Province - Gochange castle
27) 선운사 은행잎 단풍밟으며 걷기 - 풍천장어 식사...
Foliage tour in the Seonwoon Temple - rice meal with Poongcheon eel
28) 전주시 - 태조 이성계 사당 구경....한옥마을 구경 ...전주 비빔밥식사
Jeonju - The residence of the first King of Choseon, Hanok village, bibimbap
29) 김제시 - 만경평야 지평선 허수아비축제....
Kimje - Mankying Field, Scarecrow Festival
30) 서해안 - 대천 백사장 거닐기 서해안 일몰 (해몰이) 구경
West coast - Daecheon beach, sunset
31) 인천 ~ 강화도 ~ 전등사 ~ 일산 ~ 장흥유원지 ~ 광릉수목원
Incheon - Kanghwa Island - Jeondeung Temple, Ilsan - Changheung Recreation Center - Kwangreung Forests
32) 제주도 - 용두암 서귀포 정방폭포 천제연 천지연 폭포 삼방산 등등 (별도로 비행기 이용)
Jeju Island - Yongdoo Rock, Jungban Fall in Seoguipo, Chunjiyoun Fall, Mountain Sambang


Renee said...

I'm so jealous and happy for you. I haven't been in Korea since 1987, and miss it, especially the delicious food.

Meaghan said...

Hi Migi,
I hope that you have a wonderful time in Korea. It looks like you and your husband will be very busy!
I left Korea in 2007 after two years there, and I miss it very much. There are so many delicious foods that I can't find here in Canada and don't know how to make...
I look forward to hearing about your adventures in your homeland!
P.S. Happy Birthday! ^^

Adrianne said...

I hope you're having a great time in Korea. My mom just got back last week and said that it has changed significantly since her last visit (1993). Stay safe and I cannot wait to read all about it.

Migi said...

We came back on Sunday. The trip was fun and delicious! We took 1000+ pictures in Korea O_0 Stay tuned for delicous pictures~

Linz said...

Do you have a new blog or website...? I noticed you stopped posting since November. Just wondering... Thank you!

powerplantop said...

Such a great list!

Migi said...

Hi Linz - No, I don't have other blog. I just happen to be on a long break (longer than I planned) between my posts because of my hectic year-end and new year schedules at this time. I am planning a comeback soon. Thanks for your patience.

asdf said...

Where's the updates! Added you to our links....

Anonymous said...

hope you update soon :(
love all your recepies!

Ragamuffin said...

Used your kalgooksoo recipe! Thanks! It was good!

Migi said...

Thanks all for stopping by during my absence!