Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sushi O' Sushi - Santa Clara, CA

Sushi O' Sushi
2789 El Camino Real
Santa Clara CA, 95051

Boy, isn't this a beauty? Sangsoo, our sushi chef friend at Sushi O' Sushi, made us this beautiful sashimi platter when Kevin, Min's long time ex-roommate, Min and I went to SOS few weeks ago and sat at the bar in front of him. Just watching him meticulously slice each piece of sashimi and place onto a plate was an eye-gazing experience, and the next was when he passed that platter over to us. Though I could hear gulping sounds from all three of us, I had to seize the moment and take out the camera to capture the picture-perfect scene.

The hardest part came when I had to make the first pick. The shiny gold foil placed over white fish (upper left hand corner) caught my attention. It tasted like metal (yea, they are real gold!) with subtly sweet flavor, and it certainly felt luxurious. :) Min's favorites were the sea cucumber (the slithery brownish thing in the middle with sesame seeds on top) which has uniquely strong sea flavor and the unis (yellow eggs) that are very soft and sweet. Everything was so fresh, delicious and chewy. Oh my, looking at this picture just makes my mouth wet. I'd better stop here...

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