Saturday, March 29, 2008

Perilla Seeds

들깨 [Deul-Kke]
Perilla has a distinct smell and a taste that are characterized by being both wild and sweet. Its leaves taste something like wild basil, and its seeds, when ground and added to soups, relay the same smell and taste and bring out unexpectedly savory and unique flavors.

Though I opted for 'ground' seeds this time, I want to buy whole seeds next time so that I could entrap its fresh, exotic smell in my kitchen as I grind them... oh that reminds me to add a nice pair of mortar and pestle to my wish list ;D


Anonymous said...

Hi Migi,

I bought a small pack of perilla seed powder. My family uses a lot of the leaves, and I tried to find powdered leaves for a cooking experiment, but could only find grounded seeds. So I bought it. The taste of the powder was great, but the smell -it smelled like somewhere between fish oil and half cooked greens to us- was something no one in the house could stand very well. Is there some way to get rid of the smell or is there a food you'd recommend cooking this with?

We love the leaves, but just couldn't get use to the smell of the ground seeds.


Migi said...

Hi Dalb, I can only say that perilla seeds require somewhat acquired taste and smell, similar to sesame oil... You can add perilla seeds to Korean spinach salad or other vegetable stir frys.

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