Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Burned Rice Soup

누룽지 [Noo-Rung-Ji]

At first, the burned rice soup came as an unintended consequence of malfunctioning pressure rice cooker. After you scoop out the cooked rice and pour hot water to elevate the burned rice stuck on the bottom of the pot and bring it to boil, you just made a soup. A rice soup, yes, Burned Rice Soup. It tastes somewhat like brown rice, and the texture is very soft.

The rice has to be overcooked just about right, not too uncooked or not too burned. It requires some skills and trials and errors for first timers to figure out how long to cook rice to burn just right(?!). I figured it out with my pressure cooker, and I am enjoying it very much. :D Oh, regular rice cooker doesn't make burned rice. Only the stove top cookers do...

  1. 'Perfectly' burned rice. The color should be light to dark brown. If it's black or very dark, sorry, you failed.

  2. Pour hot water and boil for few minutes.


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